ELI-ALPS Research Institute


The ELI-ALPS Research Institute was built on a 10-hectare site, specially prepared for this purpose, located in the premises of the former Soviet barracks along road no. 5. The whole development includes a building complex of 5 buildings, a road around them, a car park, walkways, an artificial lake and a big park.


The full construction took 2 and a half years and required technical solutions that were able to serve even the most cutting edge laser technology. A few examples are: a vibration-free and extremely solid foundation, radiation protection concrete bunkers, clean rooms, special ventilation systems and power supply, and special architectural features such as a LED glass wall, a media sphere and the use of photovoltaic glass structures with adjustable solar factor.


During the civil works, 14 meters under ground level a pre-historic aurochs skeleton and military ammunition were excavated.  ELI-ALPS will be the first facility in the world to enable the study of the interaction of light and material with intensities higher than ever. This will open new doors in the discipline of physics and may lay the foundations of new technical developments such as relativistic microelectronics and compact laser particle accelerators.