Laser Scanner – Digital Survey and Pointcloud Modeling

One of the most efficient and advanced ways to extract spatial data is called laser scanning. 3D scanning is the process of analyzing a real building, object, or environment, collecting data about the shape, spatial position, and appearance of an object (e.g., color). The scanner can measure millions of points with high accuracy in a matter of minutes. The collected data (pointcloud model) is used to create three-dimensional models.

Using pointcloud modeling technologies, we can analyze already existing structures and gather as-built data in three dimensions to create accurate representations of complex structures. Our pointcloud models contain all the building data necessary to optimize a project, including not only the façade and the main structure but also the ceilings, the pipe system, beams, and other elements. Laser scanning can help you examine the condition of an existing building before the renovation, assess the risks before demolition, or finalize blueprints to avoid additional costs during the construction.

3D scanning allows you to improve the design process, speed up data collection and reduce errors, saving time and money, making it an attractive alternative to traditional data collection techniques. It is a significantly faster, more accurate and a more comprehensive method than traditional survey techniques. 3D scanning has many uses, including scanning of building facades, interiors and other systems, structures, or objects, supporting the creation of as-built models, 3D printing, on-scene accident investigation, and also in archeology. Pointcloud quality assessment helps you visualize geometry, textures, and colors for an efficient and creative workflow. Create accurate 3D models and include every little detail at ease.

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