Technical due dilligence, audit

műszaki átvilágítás, audit

We are also available to perform technical due diligence on buildings at short notice, focusing on survey, building diagnostics and energy as required, as part of the following services:


  • Condition survey:

    Our condition survey service should be used where major works (demolition, earthworks, construction) are slated to start close or next to a building. Prior to the commencement of such works, the technical condition of the building should be recorded to support of any later damage claims. Another condition survey should be performed once the works have been completed. Ordering this service can benefit both the owner of the property and the client ordering the works by helping avoid any dispute.

  • Survey & building diagnostics:

    Prior to decision making on property acquisition or comprehensive renovation/conversion works, a survey of the property should be performed by an independent engineer. The outcome of the survey will help in making the right and informed decision. As part of our building diagnostics service, our engineers perform comprehensive technical due diligence and, if required, formulate recommendations.

  • Energy:

    Environmental awareness and increasingly stringent energy standards may necessitate the performance of an energy audit and evaluation of existing property or proposed projects, and our team of expert engineers are available to meet our customers’ relevant needs.

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