Pre-development (Early stage) services

Our pre-development services in the early stage of the project

Investors and developers appreciate a partner with a strong engineering consulting background who possesses a full understanding of the real estate development process as well as the real opportunities and risks associated with each milestone. Our goal is to make 3E International your first choice.

At 3E International, we have the proven ability to guide the Investor through development cycles, providing effective assistance in achieving your goals. Our personalized knowledge and expertise is a productive tool for the Investor, from the initial idea to implementation and even beyond if necessary: strategy – feasibility – procurement (acquisition) – preparation (licensing) – creation (execution) – transfer (start of operation) – operation (or sales).

Every property is different. Every location and every market is different. The stages of the process are therefore always composed according to the given circumstances. We are ready to support you throughout the whole process – be it consulting or going through the depth of any given section. 

In the early stages of the project, we focus on research (exploring the project’s past and the current circumstances) and on legal-technical preparation.


The most common steps in the early stage include:

    • Market analysis and feasibility study
    • Assessment of technical and legal conditions
    • Assessment of environmental characteristics (soil, groundwater, impurities, geodesy)
    • Concept formulation and concept plan preparation
    • Amendment of settlement planning tools and other construction rules (zoning and structural plans, local building regulations, local decrees on cityscape requirements)
    • Analysis of national monumental heritage protection and archaeological conditions, management of consequental tasks (preliminary archaeological study, test and full scope site surveys)
    • Setting up the preliminary project schedule based on the outcome of exercises above
    • Survey of utilities, survey of connection possibilities
    • Consultation with municipalities and other relevant official bodies


The basic assumption at this stage is that the primary goals, as the basis for the next series of activities, have already been set: the purpose and approximate timeliness of the development are known. If these are yet to be discovered,  our knowledge and expertise will be at our Client’s disposal to help formulate these goals realistically.

The process always includes general elements that we consider necessary to examine and develop. The first step is the action plan, to make sure we avoid unnecessary setbacks during the development process. We always pay special attention to the following:

    • Strategy, and a strategic path to achieving development goals
    • Action map (defined for all stakeholders)
    • Scheduling and defining tasks and responsibilities

The real added value lies in tackling specific challenges effectively. Therefore, 3E always strives to thoroughly understand the needs of its customers and to make a personalized and situation-specific proposal for the development process based on these specifics:

    • Study on the licensing concept, strategy and timetable, taking into account the links between parallel procedures
    • Development of project concept according to Client needs
    • Creating a project schedule with specific milestones
    • Extensive professional support and representation of the client in all phases of the project, providing technical and legal background, which includes designers, legal experts specialized in construction law and procedural law, QS and other specialists
      • Financial planning, budget and preparation of investor memorandum (s) for the project
      • Planning and permitting, as well as the municipal / official consultations that precede them, from the very first steps.
      • Changing the land plot structure: transformation of arable lands or forests to development area, land plot formation procedures (split, merge, reshaping, plot border correction), acquisition of authority certificates on the existing conditions, registration of new buildings and deletion of dismantled structures from official Land Registry maps.
      • Management of preparatory field works (demolition, environmental protection, possibilities of temporary utilization)
      • Providing technical and legal project management capacity during tendering / procurement / permitting and later implementation procedures.

3E is committed to providing the best knowledge of a cohesive team built on a comprehensive mindset guaranteed by the cooperation of our experienced colleagues from the different trades to achieve pre-development goals. And beyond that.

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