Design review

terv felülvizsgálat

Design review involves the technical review of different construction designs (concept, permit and implementation) from a construction supervision perspective, which basically includes the evaluation and construction supervision of the designs as follows:


  • Design evaluations:

    When evaluating different specialist designs, we look at the structure to be built in terms of functionality and aesthetics and the feasibility of construction focusing on economical, practical and organisational criteria, as well as review and comment on the factors related to future maintenance and operation. This consultancy service should be used already during the preparation of conceptual designs and we are prepared to provide our clients with an opportunity for consultation throughout the project, from design to construction.

  • Design supervision:

    Our service for design supervision from a construction supervision perspective covers the assessment of technical and technological feasibility for different specialist designs, as well as checking the professionalism of the technical content of the designs, as well as compliance with substantive and formal requirements, laws, regulations, construction standards, chamber requirements and any other professional rules. We verify the clarity of the designs (required content, details) and their compliance with the effective approval design and the requirements of the approving authority.

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