Cost management

költség menedzsment

We offer a comprehensive service package as part of our cost estimation and control activities, enabling clients to plan project cash flow, avoid surprises in finances and liquidity and continuously monitor and control the project budget. In addition, representing the interests of the client, we provide ongoing support with certifying completion of works by contractors and the settlement of accounts in accordance with the contract:

  • Cost control:

    Our cost control service package includes verification of completion of works performed and invoices submitted by (general or co-)contractors and confirmation with the client, evaluation of the need for supplementary or additional work according to quantitative and price criteria, making recommendations regarding filing guarantee or warranty claims supported by calculations, performance of cost reviews and preparation of reports as part of the progress report for the project.


  • Cost estimation & evaluation:

    We perform cost estimation for the expected budget of construction projects as needed, propose budgetary provisions for different scenarios and risks, and asses, analyse and comment on the finished project budget or the cost calculations in the bids submitted (e.g. by the general contractor) in detail. If required, we also propose alternative technical solutions, allowing the client to either save on construction costs or optimise long-term operating costs (value engineering).


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