Duna Tower Office Building refurbishment


Due to change of ownership the Principal wanted to set up a new design in the office building. So the lobby and the surrounding area of the office building were refurbished. The main entrance of the lobby got a new, glass covered gate structure and a revolving door. The floor and wall coverages were replaced. The walls and the ceiling of the elevator lobby were fit out with table achoustic coverage. The lobby got a plain, colored glass false ceiling. The guest toilets, reception bar, restaurant, coffee shop, consumer areas, and tenancies of the providers were renewed. The public places connecting to the office were executed in accordance with the design of the distrtict and Népfürdő street.


The refurbishment was executed in the operating office building with the total reorganisation of the entrance functions by configuring temporary access possibilities. 3E International Kft. was performing quantity surveying tasks in the implementing of the project.


A new outdoor LED-wall was placed on the new gate structure at the main entrance. On one hand it highlights the main entrance itself, on the other hand it gives information for those who are passing by.