Hungarian State Opera – Eiffel Hall refurbishment


The old Eiffel hall got a new roofing, the intwerior spaces were executed independently from the old structures.


The project was realised in the 214m x 96m Eiffel hall built from 1883 to 1886, in the old office building and in the electrical, dray operatorand smithy building, constructed around the 1900’s.


The decor and costume producing demand, the orchestra and stage rehearsal spot needs resulted by the common operation and the increaesed premier numbers in the 130 years old Hungarian State Opera and the Erkel Theatre can not be served in the current buildings. This investment solves the cventralised location of the decor, acsessories and costume storage, the execution of the Operastudio and Conservatory, the allocation of the Visitor centre and the Operating centre of these functions.