Project management


We offer a wide range of professional project management services for property projects to both Hungarian and international clients. By providing maximum service excellence through our project management engineers with decades of professional experience, we ensure that every project is completed successfully by the deadline, within budget and with the quality expected by the client. We have a diverse array of experience in and references for nearly all types of buildings such as hotels, office buildings, residential buildings, healthcare institutions, production halls, logistics centres, educational institutions, sports facilities, public institutions, protected historical buildings, etc. Tailored to the specific characteristics of each project, our service packages and project teams support clients in identifying and exploring opportunities aligned to their objectives, defining their precise requirements for the construction project, optimising the technical content and creating value through the successful implementation of the project. While each stakeholder in the projects acts in their own interests, we are the only one representing the client’s interests throughout the process from concept to turn-key delivery.


  • Project preparation, organisation & implementation:

    Our professional project organisation and implementation engineers proactively coordinate the activities of each stakeholder involved in the process in every phase of the project, starting with the formulation of the concept all the way to obtaining a certificate of occupancy. Our comprehensive service portfolio includes full administration and, in addition to engineering consultancy, also methodological and communication support.

  • Design coordination:

    When required by our clients, we participate in the design phase of the project and, in case multiple design teams are involved, coordinate the work of designers responsible for each aspect/specialist field.

  • Tender management:

    As part of our tender management service, we fully manage the procurement process, starting with the proper planning and scheduling of the entire procurement, including the technical content and design documentation of the project, provide support for the compilation of the tender documentation as well as for the assessment and comparison of the bids received, participate in price negotiations, as well as assist with the selection of the general contractor or, for a multi-contractor model, specialist contractors, and with contracting.

  • Construction coordination::

    Our on-site construction coordination and building control service includes direct management of the construction site for constructions under a co-contracting arrangement, coordination of construction/installation works performed on the structure, ensuring compliance of the construction with regulatory requirements and approvals and associated technical designs, as well as organising the construction workflow. It also covers verification of compliance with technological and HSE requirements and the implementation of fire safety and law enforcement measures related to construction/installation works. If required by the client, we work with the developer or its on-site representative, the designer, site managers of co-contractors and technical managers responsible for construction/installation works. If several contractors are carrying out construction/installation works at the construction site simultaneously and interdependently (multi-contractor model), we are also available to coordinate these works.

  • FIDIC engineering services:

    FIDIC is an international organisation founded by consulting engineers. Its guidelines and task-oriented, widely recognised contractual arrangements are used to implement most internationally funded projects. The FIDIC system facilitates the implementation of state and municipal projects funded by EU grants. Our company employs a number of project management engineers trained and experienced in FIDIC contracts to coordinate and oversee development projects specifically using FIDIC contracts in either Hungarian or English.

  • Tenant or buyer coordination:

    As a project is drawing to a close or, ideally, already in certain periods of the design phase, there is usually a need to define technical specifications for future tenants or buyers of the building and complete the design and/or construction with these requirements in mind. Our engineers make sure that the full range of these requirements are assessed and tenants’ and buyers’ technical considerations are implemented throughout the project.


Construction management

Our construction managers help deliver projects faster, better and more cost effectively by facilitating communication and solving problems before they impact the job. LOWER COSTS, LOWER RISKS for the Investor: In cases where the Client does not wish to use a general contractor for the project, 3E Construction Management Kft., 3E offers the added value as an external party to the investor. All the works are handled by a single person, to ensure one uniform front and face for the implementation. Should a problem arise, it is possible to find another solution without having to terminate the contract with a general contractor, with all the practical, legal, and even financial difficulties that this might entail. Significant savings can be reached in this way, and the Client has a more direct control over the project. This is why we have seen an increased interest in this type of partnership recently.

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