Contract management

Contract menedzsment

3E International offers a professional Contract Management package, in other words, a project supervision service specifically designed to support the Client’s successful implementation of all their projects.


Our qualified staff with professional certifications, having several decades of engineering experience and excellent language skills can provide efficient monitoring and supervision for all major steps of the construction process.


As an independent service provider we can:

  • Set up an experienced expert team to provide useful and practical advice to the Client already in the design phase, and suggest economically and technically feasible design solutions for construction
  • Perform quantitative checks against the design documentation
  • Compile the tender documentation accordingly
  • Check/analyse received bids, from first stage of tender analysis up to contract award
  • Provide review and comment on the draft construction contract and revise it to include terms securing the Client’s interests as necessary
  • Ensure progress of the construction project according to the contractual schedule, and in the event of any deviation from the schedule, instruct the contractor to take corrective measures in a timely manner
  • Perform continuous on-site inspections to minimise technical risks and prevent any construction errors
  • Ensure contractors’ compliance with the applicable construction regulations, as well as quality and environmental requirements
  • Ensure the contractor maintains a record of approved minor changes during implementation, so the Client is provided with a realistic ‘as built’ plan document once the project is completed
  • Ensure that the documentation submitted by the contractor reflects work actually done and the related payments are adjusted accordingly
  • Ensure all documents certifications and statements are completed and issued correctly, and the Client is furnished with a technical and financial summary report at the end of the project

Our existing customers find this service especially helpful in particular when their dedicated person or team has a different area of expertise (typically, the majority of our clients are financial investors) and need help with navigating through the complexity of the construction industry. It also comes in handy when Clients have shortage of allocated  time  or they cannot spare the resources to deal with the related project administration. That’s where we come in. As you can see from our references, our Clients have greatly appreciated the time and effort we have saved them.

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