Permit Management from A to Z

BIM (Building Information Modelling) menedzsment

As part of our services, we undertake the compilation of documentation for authorization, auditing before submission, and consultation with authorities, architects, and contractors.

– Creating implementation plans using point-cloud technology.

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We provide complex solutions to every phase of licensing. Our permit management services include compiling documentation, auditing before submission as well as consultations between authorities, architects, and contractors. In case you need help with the development of the licensing concept and work plans of smaller or larger construction projects that are still under preparation, you will find professional and reliable partners in us. Learn more about the details and contact us for more information!

Demolition Permit

As the laws regarding demolition permits are constantly changing, it is useful to seek professional help at the beginning of a construction project. Builders or their representatives need to get demolition permits in the following cases. If the demolition activity affects:

  1. Buildings under monument protection.
  2. Buildings or parts of buildings under local architectural heritage protection.
  3. The foundation of closed-row blocks, twin buildings, or their conjoining support structure (most often in the case of semi-detached buildings or row-houses).

The application for a demolition permit can be submitted to the authorities electronically via ÉTDR or in person, on an electronic data carrier by the builders or their representatives.

Occupancy Permit

Whether a property can be used/occupied is not decided by the builders, but it is subject to legislation, more specifically the so-called occupancy permit. Getting the permit requires a longer process because the building authorities inspect various aspects of the property before providing the license. The authorities and the local government check whether the construction was carried out following the previously obtained permits and whether the building is safe and suitable for use. It is important to know, however, that according to the new regulation that came into force on 2021 January 1, only buildings with nearly zero energy requirements can obtain occupancy permits. (Thanks to the moratorium granted by the legislator, providing permits for less energetically modern buildings is still possible until June 2024.)

Remanence Permit

In case the construction was not carried out in accordance with the permits obtained before construction or without official approval, you will need to apply for a remanence permit. Without this document, the building does not exist in legal form, nor is it possible to show the property on real estate registration maps.

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