National Instruments extension – Debrecen


  • Office Building D: The building consists of a ground level and 3 floors. A spectacular modern staircase was built as an integral part of the office building’s facade. The useful floor area of ​​the building is 6000 m2.
  • Warehouse: In addition to the existing facility, a 950 m2 warehouse with an indoor test laboratory and a pre-production facility has been built
  • Building an Atrium in Existing Building A: A nearly 150 m2 open atrium has been created next to the restaurant, thereby increasing it’s capacity.


3E International Ltd. has carried out M&E site inspection for office building „D”, warehouse and atrium.


Include the modern staircase, special interior soundproof telephone booths, a fitness room. We have recorded details of each phase of the construction process in the  electronic log-book, which is a proprietary software that belongs to 3E International Ltd.