Technical supervision

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Pursuant to Government Decree 191/2009. (IX. 15.), a construction supervisor ensures and verifies compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, regulatory requirements, standards, contracts and the construction documentation during the entire process of building construction. An integral part of this activity is verifying the compliance of building construction and construction/installation works with professional and technical requirements, reviewing traditional or e-log books, countersigning and commenting on entries and other reports, and entering defects, deficiencies or deviations in the building log book. We are also responsible for proposing design changes justified by technical and/or economic needs to the developer; performing checks on the structures to be covered, entering information on technically justified checks and examinations, as wells as the required measures in the building log book; participating in the handover procedure; being involved in the preparation the developer’s decisions on and making recommendations on technical issues. Further responsibilities include checking financial accounts and assessments, and confirming the contractor’s completion of works as a construction supervisor (completion certificate). In addition to the brief description above, our construction supervision responsibilities are fully regulated in detail in the aforementioned Government Decree.


Over and above statutory requirements, our services include, but are not limited to, attending weekly on-site cooperation meetings, reviewing and evaluating contracts with general contractors from a construction supervision perspective, verifying compliance with reporting and approval obligations required by law for the project, preparing monthly status reports and progress reports, making proposals to and taking action to eliminate any delay and participating in official site visits and inspections as needed. During the handover procedure, we compile a list of quantitative and qualitative defects, propose works to remedy defects and deficiencies, perform the required tests and trial runs, as well as participate in the procedure for obtaining a certificate of occupancy, preparation of the final cost account and completion of the project.


  • Building construction and civil engineering:

    Our construction supervision service for building construction and civil engineering works include all construction supervision for every specialist field such as architecture, frame, civil engineering, building engineering services, building electricity (high and low current), fire safety, etc.

  • Roads and infrastructure:

    We perform construction supervision for civil engineering, road and railway construction, utilities construction and hydraulic engineering.


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