Engineering consultancy

mérnöki tanácsadás

Value creation is at the heart of our engineering consultancy service: we share our wealth of experience with the developer, provide support for making the right decisions, whether it is finding technical solutions with the greatest added value for a proposed project, optimising technical content aligned with the developer’s strategy (value engineering) or, for example, correctly identifying and managing technical risks:


  • Property development consultancy:

    Our engineering expertise is available from the inception of a development or investment project to provide our client with appropriate support from inception to implementation. In the property pre-development phase, we help find the location and concept best matching the requirements in line with not only technical, but also legal and other regulatory opportunities, e.g. local development or regulatory plans. As part of pre-development, we plan the schedule for the design project and provide support with the organisation of the project as a whole.

  • Lender’s technical representative :

    For projects using funding from commercial banks, we can verify the technical implementation of the project financing on behalf of the bank and prepare an initial (or zero) report for the loan agreement. Next, we certify the level of completion specified as a prerequisite for payment of the loan amount for each stage/milestone. Our complex and comprehensive service includes support even during credit rating, if required. After the conclusion of a loan agreement, we furnish the bank with the appropriate reports, e.g. monthly report, final report, etc., in the construction phase.

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