Being in green environments boosts various aspects of thinking

It has always been important for us to provide a pleasant working environment for our colleagues: a modern office that feels like home.

When we moved to our current office location in 2019 our aim was to focus on the inner design and to create a green environment.

As a result currently:

  • we have more than 15 types of plants, with 5 types of rubber bushes;
  • beside the natural lighting we nurture our plants two times a day (for a total of 6-8 hours) with special LED lights;
  • our plants are watered daily, thanks to the bi-zonal automatic irrigation system – moreover, once a week they get nutrient solution as well
  • there are 8 floor cassettes (15 cm deep), in which plants with the same demands are collected, with macadam and pine tree coating at their roots;
  • in addition to daily nurturing, professional gardeners provide extra care for our plants weekly.