We continue to expand internationally

We are always proud to be able to prove our professional competence in an international environment in addition to domestic construction projects. On several occasions, we have had the opportunity to work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in renovating embassies, which we treat as priority projects in many respects. Currently we perform the tasks of plan supervision and technical inspection related to the establishment of the Consulate General of Hungary in Gdansk. The building is under monument protection, which requires special professional competence, and in this case we must also take into account the regulations of local monument protection.

Gdansk is also referred to as one of the most popular Hanseatic cities in the Baltic Sea, the “Pearl of the North”. Here you will find, for example, the largest brick church in Europe and the oldest port loader crane. Tourists stroll again in the stunning old town.

Among the city’s sights and outstanding monuments are, for example, the palace of the Brotherhood of the Knights of St. George, built in 1494, and the Neptune Fountain, a symbol of Gdańsk.