Veszprém project


In Veszprém, Ipar utca there is a 16007 sqm plot where an industrial hall development is being constructed in 2 phases at the moment as 3E’s own investment. In future the building is going to be used for e-engine assembly functions. The building has 2 parts: the main building is for offices and showroom, the rear part, the industrial section is for the real works.
There are no public utilities and infrastructure on the plot. Our task to solve these construction parts, too.
  • Phase 1/A: appr. 234 sqm are the floor space in the main building. During the architectural, mechanical and electrical construction works we aspired only for the minimum requirements to be realized, only those that are needed for the occupancy permit.
  • Phase 1/B: 743 sqm floor space is the additionally constructed area and there is the refurbishment of the building completed during phase 1/A. It will function as office building.


The project in Veszprém is a kind of curiosity in the life of the 3E Group, as the facility is being implemented as an own investment. We believe that this will further strengthen our unique approach, as it will enable us to understand our clients’, the Investors’, point of view, living and experiencing first-hand the many client dilemmas that arise during a classic investment.


During the project, we will also apply our group’s innovative BIM technologies and solutions.