Projekt menedzsment - hatékony lebonyolítás

Project management

A broad range of services from the preparatory phase of the project to managing the construction and later coordinating lessees or buyers. For Hungarian and international clients.
Banki független műszaki ellenőrzés

Technical supervision

Supporting and ensuring that relevant construction industry regulations are followed during building works – be that structural architecture, underground engineering, road construction or infrastructure development.
Költség menedzsment és véleményezés

Cost management

Continuous budget control to avoid liquidity surprises – with our package of comprehensive services, the cash-flow of the investment project becomes completely predictable.

Contract management

Complex project supervision service, from tender preparation to the successful implementation of the investment.
BIM menedzsment - digitális modellezés

BIM management

Reliable, efficient, and cost-effective technology for the optimization of building design and construction processes.

Crisis analysis

Our crisis analysis service will provide you as investor or developer with an assessment of how the current economic and technological environment shaped by the virus pandemic affects a project, with special attention to optimising technological costs.
Engedélyeztetés menedzsment, ingatlanfejlesztés

Permit management

A service spanning the entire process of permitting, including concept design, the preparation of analyses and representing the client in official procedures.
Terv felülvizsgálat tervellenőrrel

Design review

Technical review of construction plans, including expert opinions and a verification of plans according to the criteria of technical inspections.
Műszaki átvilágítás, energetika készítése

Technical due dilligence, audit

Complete and rapid service with status assessment, comprehensive building diagnostics, energy audit and expert opinions.
Mérnök tanácsadás, ingatlanfejlesztés

Engineering consultancy

As part of our consulting services, we support builders in finding the right technical solutions as well as in investigating and managing any potential risks.
Biztonságvédelem, munkavédelmi feladatok ellátása

Health, safety & environment management (HSE)

Professional safety and health protection services from coordination to the drafting of design plans and logs, and including the determination of penalty rules.
Minőségbiztosítás garantálása

Quality assurance

Quality assurance services with the definition of areas of responsibility and oversight of appropriate operations during the construction phase.
Építési logisztika koordináció, infrastruktúra fejlesztés

Construction logistics coordination

Logistics coordination of the construction through the drafting of the necessary manuals, education and the development and management of processes.