Crisis analysis: A new service for developers and investors
2020. május 6.
Our crisis analysis service will provide you as investor or developer with an assessment of how the current economic and technological environment shaped by the virus pandemic affects a project, with special attention to optimising technological costs. 

Focus areas

In preparing the assessment, we will follow the 12-step analysis methodology we have developed, focusing on the following:
  • Schedule options
  • ...
Effective cost management for an optimized investment
2020. március 26.
Cost management is an important element of project management. The main purpose of cost management is to make sure that a given project is completed within the pre-planned budget.
About technical supervision – part II
2020. február 7.
In our last month's article we discussed the processes of technical supervision during the phase of planning and contracting, furthermore, we also touched some of the duties related to the different disciplines of technical supervision. Below, we will describe the tasks of the supervisor at project completion.