About Us


3E International supports its clients, both investors and developers, throughout the whole project from the first idea all the way to the completion. We aim to represent and promote an international, quality culture in Hungary’s construction sector. Therefore, any project that we are entrusted with will be completed to the highest standards, with precision, in a reliable manner.

Company history

3E International Kft was founded in 2005 by two specialists who have a great deal of experience both in the field of property consultancy and technical project management. With our property consultancy services we help our clients launch their project and support them throughout the whole development process. On the other hand, our technical supervision services and construction project management services enable our clients  to realise their plans and ensure that the projects are completed.

Who we are?

Currently we have a staff of 60, including highly experienced architects, engineers, mechanical engineers and registered supervisors of various fields. Our professionals work confidently in English and in German as well. Our colleagues all possess a masters’ degree and regularly take part in training courses, not only to ensure continuous professional development but also to be able to meet the highest standards and to obtain the necessary qualifications, chamber memberships and certificates.

Adrienn Ambrus

Quantity surveyor

Ákos Takács

Technical supervisor

Alíz Szloboda

Administrative director

Anita Molnár

Public procurement manager

Attila Horváth

Technical supervisor

Attila Jenei

Project director

Attila Lóka

Project director

Attila Nemcsik

Technical supervisor

Attila Pál

Technical supervisor

Balázs Korintus

Managing director

Barna Luterán

Technical supervisor

Beatrix Csallóné Reigl

Director of marketing and communication

Bianka Nagy

Receptionist / assistant

Csaba Kalocsai

Technical supervisor

Gabriella Rácz

Project manager assistant

Gergely Laczkovich

Managing director

Gergő Szivós

Project manager

Ildikó Gyarmati

Senior property manager

Ildikó Hajdu-Szűcs

HSE expert

Imre Ács

Project manager

István Malchacker

Technical supervisor

István Szakács

Technical supervisor

Koppány Felhős

Technical supervisor

Krisztina Papp

Office manager

László Csányi

Technical supervisor

László Orosz

Technical supervisor

Miklós Francsics

Project director

Norbert Kiss

Technical supervisor

Olivér Kraus

Technical supervisor

Péter Bóna

Technical director

Róbert Éliás

Senior project manager

Tibor Danka

BIM manager

Tibor Mészáros

Project director

Zoltán Dóra

Technical supervisor

Zoltán Gut

Project engineer

Zoltán Hajdú

Technical supervisor

Zoltán Határik

Technical supervisor

Zsuzsanna Kéri

Senior project coordinator

Our clients are mainly international corporations that require us to provide high level services, perform to international standards and speak foreign languages. We provide added value through our committed and focused approach, through our technical and economical consultancy and through the high quality and professionalism of our services.