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The foundation of any construction project is the optimal realization of the development and the expected outcome. Be that a residential building or a public one, an industrial or a logistical project, we always represent the interests of the investor, to ensure that the project is completed in line with the anticipated budget, by the deadline and at the appropriate standard of quality.

It is clear that the perspectives and interests of the various other actors involved in the process may be different (designer, builder, the authorities, the lending bank etc.). As an engineering service provider, we are at home in this complex system and can take charge of the entire process. We play a kind of filter role, to make easier the lives of Hungarian or foreign-owned investors, who are often not well-versed in construction and real estate development projects.

We generally provide complex project management through budget expertise and technical supervision services; we are also at our clients’ disposal with real estate consulting, technical condition surveys and other engineering services. Click here to view the full range of our services.

2020. február 7.

In our last month's article we discussed the processes of technical supervision during the phase of planning and contracting, furthermore, we also touched some of the duties related to the different disciplines of technical supervision. Below, we will describe the tasks of the supervisor at project completion.


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